At Etanda we take making IT available to as wide an audience as possible very serious. Therefor this site was developed with extra features with this aim in mind.

  • You can navigate this site entirely with access keys, all links have an underlined character to display the correct key. To use an access key press Alt and the key, then press enter. This allows the site to be explored entirely by keyboard.

    The following keys map out the site:

    • About Us = u
    • Security = s
    • Broadband = b
    • Web Design = w
    • Clients = c
    • Skills = k
    • Services = e
    • Solutions = o
    • Contact = n
    • Top of the page = 1
    • Accessibility = y

  • This site is built to a standard called xhtml strict and all styling is done via CSS. This allows for the site to be compatible with as many browsers as possible. Also if you require all the styling to be removed for accessibility reasons, your browser can do this to leave the raw text.
  • Re-sizeable text on this page allows people with vision disabilities to access it. If your browser supports this, hold down Ctrl and scroll with the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the text as appropriate. Alternatively you can change the size in your browser, for example in Micosoft Internet Explorer Version 6 from the "View" menu, select the "Text Size" option.