Modern business relies on fast Internet access to e-mail and web pages, Broadband connections offer this at a very economic price. But these fast connections mean you need a Firewall to protect your network and your data. Etanda is accredited to supply and support CheckPoint's SofaWare Firewall product. This is specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses as well as for telecommuters who work from home by accessing a corporate network. With this support from Etanda the firewall is a zero administration task for your company.

The CheckPoint Sofaware Firewall is designed to be controlled by the SofaWare Security Management Portal (SMP) Software. This software is the basis of the Etanda SofaWare Firewall Management Service. which will remotely manage your SofaWare firewall to keep its software up to date automatically, to amend the security policy as your business changes, to scan your e-mail for viruses and as an option block access to web-sites which don't meet the client's Internet usage policy.

"Always-on" broadband connectivity makes Internet access fast and easy. Unfortunately, it also leaves your home office or business wide open to Internet hazards, such as hackers and viruses. Worse still, if working from home or from a remote site, there's the danger that your PC could be used as a means to attack your corporate network. SofaWare's Safe@Home™ , Safe@Home Pro™ and Safe@Office™ software, available on a variety of appliances, delivers security solutions to home offices, small businesses and distributed enterprises, enabling them to:

  • Protect data privacy
  • Maintain network integrity
  • Block inappropriate content
  • Stop viruses
  • Secure access to any size corporate network

SofaWare makes it easy to accomplish all these objectives easily and intuitively, through its simple installation and management capabilities.

Incorporating state-of-the-art firewall technology from Check Point Software Technologies, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, SofaWares' products block attacks before they reach your network. Network Address Translation (NAT) allows your broadband Internet connection to be shared among several PCs. Safe@Home Pro and Safe@Office also support Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality, enabling secure access to resources on your corporate network or remote site.

Remote management enables small businesses to transfer security management responsibility to the security experts, and enterprises to enforce an effective, comprehensive, security policy for any size network.

In addition to its advanced built-in security functionality, security updates, content filtering and anti-virus subscription services are available - making this an integrated, comprehensive, security solution.